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What is IGleads?, is a service which provides leads to businesses. All leads are collected from highly targeted Instagram audience of a particular user/page.

How IGleads works?

Once client pay us and provide us Instagram Profile URL of the targeted page/user, we first get list of all public profiles and then we collect all available emails from them.

How to get started with
To get started with our services visit pricing page and select any suitable plan you want.
How IGleads collects emails?
On Instagram many people have business accounts and they put their email as well as phone numbers for contact purposes, we use our system to get those details and put them in CSV file for you.
What are the benefits of using services?
It’s 2021, Facebook Ad cost is going higher and higher, since Instagram is the hottest platform for generating leads you can get tons of leads as low as 0.094$/leads with
How leads will be provided after payment?
Once you pay us, we will get all the required leads and send to you through Email in a CSV format.
Will the leads be targeted within a niche?
It’s depend on from you want us to get leads. For example if you want us to leads from a Beauty Influencer Page then the leads will be super targeted with in beauty leads.
Will email addresses be verified?
Once we get all the email addresses, we verify them through our email validator software to verify them so that your email marketing campaign will not bounce.
Can I use IGleads services to get leads for affiliate marketing?
Of course you can, we can get leads for any purposes like Affiliate marketing, Ecommerce sales, etc.

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